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Telegram channels are a source of information, with a bias on a specific topic. They come in two types indoor and outdoor. Their distinguishing feature is the inability to leave comments on posts. Only administrators can send messages, while subscribers act exclusively as readers. With the help of Telegram Channels, you can quickly share information with a large audience; notification of a new entry automatically comes to the devices of all subscribers. In this they are similar to groups on social networks. As a rule, anyone can subscribe to the channel. But you can also create a channel in Telegram for a narrow circle of subscribers - then it will be called private. Private ones differ from public ones in that a person who wants to subscribe to a channel must first send a request to the owner, and he can already decide whether to give the requestor access to the content or not.

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Our catalog of channels and bots is one of the most comprehensive collections of applications for the Telegram messenger. Here are collected only the best and new channels and bots, their list continues to replenish every day. Any user who has his own channel telegram, chat, bot, can add it to the directory telegram channels and make your resource more hyped. We help channel owners bring their channels and life to the top! You can also promote your channel by leaving feedback about it and setting a rating. Good luck, check back daily to install a new channel or bot from our catalog.